LetVidimaze + OTOs

$455.00 $25.00

In particular, LetVidimaze creates an introducing video on your pages. But it’s not just a standstill video you will pass by. Instead, like I’ve introduced the FB video feature above, the video will follow visitors through the tour on the pages.

This’s overwhelming. Imagine that once you set up it on your page, it feels like you have a tour guide, a shopping assistant for each of your visitor. This video impresses visitors with great convenience. A fixed video only can’t be seen when your visitor scroll down and down. There’s only the sound lasting to follow visitors but it can make it worse because it will distract them.

At the beginning part of my LetVidimaze Review, I tell you about the weakness of FB feature. FB can only show you one floating video. LetVidimaze can help. It will play multiple videos depending on each segment your visitors scroll by. It’s like an updating spokesperson on every part of your sites.