Page1 Robot 5.1.1

V5.1.1 : 25th March 2019 -New: New login/sign up page -New: New landing page -Improve: UI & UX modification throughout the project -Improve: Color scheme modification for all 12 themes -Improve: Borrowed styling from bootstrap 4 -Improve: Beautiful javaScript alert and confirmation -Improve: Font change and latest font awesome 5 support -Fix: Sidebar stay open […]

Fanpage Robot 7.0

V7.0 – 14th February 2019 -New: Language system -New: Activity calendar -New: Upload limit settings for Fanpage Robot and all add-ons -New: Support desk email notification (Extended License) -New: Advanced Dashboard (System Dashboard, User Dashboard, Recent Activity: Extended License) -Fix: Large lead list scan issue -Modify: ‘Daily auto scan’ is now ‘Background Scan’ [need to […]

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